Additional Services

Private Tuition

Private Aikido, Weapons and Iaido lessons are available for those who wish to benefit from more focussed one-to-one input. You may be someone who wishes to gain confidence before joining with group classes, or you may have specific objective in mind. 

Bespoke Workshops

Gyodokan can offer bespoke workshops for events to do with martial arts, Japanese culture and more. Previous collaborations have included Iaido, weapons and Zazen (Zen meditation).

Online Lessons

There is no perfect replacement for face to face lessons, however we successfully run online group and private lessons with students overseas. Current online students reside in the USA and Brazil. Tuition in Weapons, Iaido and even Aikido (with a partner) is possible. Read Jeff’s Testimonial.

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to organise an event, private classes, a demonstration or discuss what you are looking for.


St Matthew's Church Hall, North Common Road, Ealing W5 3QA (no mail by post)



6:30pm-7:30pm: Aikido (Adults & under 18s)

7:30pm-8:30pm: Aikido (Adults) 


6:30pm-7:30pm: Aikido (Adults & under 18s)

7:30pm-8:30pm: Weapons