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Gyodokan Instructors

Ivan Melo

Ivan Melo, a dedicated martial artist, embarked on his martial arts journey over thirty years ago in Brazil. Aikido became his passion in 1997, leading him on an unexpected path of self-discovery across the globe. During his time in Brazil, Ivan trained under the guidance of Ricardo Leite sensei and received extensive instruction from Donovan Waite sensei.  Since 2014, Ivan has been an active member of Aikido of London, where he serves as a senior instructor under Ismail Hasan sensei.

Gyodokan Instructors
Cathy Okada

Cathy Okada is an Aikido and Iaido practitioner, training under the tutelage of Ismail Hasan Sensei since 2018. Cathy has taught both locally and internationally. She co-created and produces the Maai Perspective- Women Talk Budo video podcast series, providing a platform for women in martial arts to lead discussions on budo and related topics. Cathy remains committed to her martial arts journey and strives to contribute to the growth of others as Gyodokan instructor, and an assistant instructor at Aikido of London.

About Gyodokan

Gyodokan is a recently established Aikido dojo based in Ealing London, founded by dedicated Aikido and Iaido teachers and practitioners Ivan Melo and Cathy Okada in the summer of 2023. Serving as a sister dojo to Aikido of London, Gyodokan encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to embark on their Aikido journey.

Benefitting from the lineage and teachings of Ismail Hasan Sensei, the instructors at Gyodokan bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their students.

Through their dedication and commitment to preserving the traditions of Aikido, Gyodokan aims to cultivate both the physical and mental abilities of its students. By fostering a lifelong passion for Aikido, the dojo strives to instil confidence, discipline, and personal growth in each practitioner.

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"The Gyodokan instructors' practice and teaching are profoundly authentic and of the highest quality. Aikido taught at this depth can have a profound effect on life in general- dare I say transformational if you allow it. I include my two daughters who are benefitting in so many ways from Aikido practice. I highly recommend these inspirational teachers."

Mario- Music Therapist

"The instructors are simply inspirational. They are both excellent teachers who compliment each other. Cathy sensei's patience blends well with Ivan sensei's rigour. They are clearly committed to promoting Aikido training which is considerate but not too soft which retains its authenticity. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Paul- Barrister

"Cathy and Ivan are amazing instructors who will make sure you incorporate the basics that will help you grow and progress in Aikido. They have substantial experience training and teaching in different contexts, internationally and with groups with different levels of experience in Aikido. I recommend this dojo for students of all levels who want to learn from dedicated martial artists and enjoy energising training sessions."


Teachers Ivan Melo and Cathy Okada are committed to teaching Aikido in a dynamic, interesting and modern way, whilst never forgetting that it is, above all, a devastating martial art. Finding Gyodokan has reinvigorated my interest in Aikido and has made me feel positive, purposeful and excited for the future. If you are interested in beginning your Aikido journey, or feel in need of a fresh start, I can think of no better place than Gyodokan.



St Matthew's Church Hall, North Common Road, Ealing W5 3QA (no mail by post)



6:30pm-7:30pm: Aikido (Adults & under 18s)

7:30pm-8:30pm: Aikido (Adults) 


6:30pm-7:30pm: Aikido (Adults & under 18s)

7:30pm-8:30pm: Weapons